How to Edit Audio Tracks

Besides adding and/or deleting audio tracks, the two most commonly used functions for editing are: Shifting Audio Tracks and Adjust Audio Track Volume.

Shift Audio Track Position

When you work with multiple audio tracks, sometimes you want to define the beginning or end of one track in alignment of another track. To do so:

  1. Select the Time Shift Tool, and then
  2. Select and drag the audio track you want to shift to make the adjustment.

Use the playback function to test and refine how you shift the track to achieve optimal result.

Here are some advanced techniques to learn:

  • A selected audio clip can also be dragged up or down to a different audio track as long as they are of the same type. Mono audio clips can be moved to mono tracks while stereo clips to stereo tracks.
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key while dragging to allow only dragging vertically.

Adjust Track Volume Independently

The volume of each audio track can be adjusted individually. For example, you want to lower the volume of the background music while increasing the volume of your voice track. To do so:

  • locate the track and make the volume adjustment by using the Track Volume Slider tool to produce the result as desired.
  • Use the Envelope Tool to manually adjust the volume of any portion of an audio track without applying a track-wide volume change. The envelope tool is especially useful for creating the fade in or fade out effects on sound tracks. You can earn more about the Envelope Tool from this article.