How to Import Audio

There are two options of importing audio files: to import and create a new project, or to add it to an existing project.

Import and Create a New Project

To import an audio file and create a new project, use the Files > Open command.

Once the import completes, the application creates a new project that displays the imported sound track in the Work Area.

Add Audio to an Existing Project

There are two ways of importing audio file to an existing project:

  • Select File > Import > Audio or
  • Drag-n-drop the audio files into the current project window.

Likewise, the newly imported audio track is displayed in the Work Area of the current project.

Supported Audio File Formats

Audio Recorder & Editor supports AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGC Vorbis and WAV file formats without having to install extra add-ons.

With the optional FFmpeg library, the software is then capable of extracting audio from video files and an extended range of other file formats.

How to Import from CDs

Importing soundtracks from a CD requires “Ripping” – a process that extracts (or rips) the tracks from stream of bits on the CD to audio files in either WAV or AIFF format.

Audio Recorder & Editor doesn’t provide the ripping process. However, this can be easily achieved by using Windows Media Player, usually installed by default on Windows, and following these steps:

  1. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Launch Windows Media Player
  3. From the main menu bar, click Organize > Options
  4. Select the Rip Music tab, on which you will specify the output path.
  5. Under Rip Settings, select WAV(Lossless)
  6. Uncheck “Rip CD automatically” unchecked.
  7. Click OK to save the changes

From the media folders tree control on the left, choose the CD drive to browse the tracks. Select the tracks you want to convert, click “Rip CD” on the top menu bar to start ripping.

Once the conversion process completes, open the output folder and locate all converted WAV files. 

And finally, you can import the WAV files to an audio project.