Quick Start Guide

Audio Recorder & Editor is an all-in-one audio recording and editing software. The app offers all essential features for recording and editing audios, combining multiple sound tracks, exporting & sharing your audio projects and productions. 

We design this product guide to help you make the most of the software by learning the essential functions. Follow the content on this page, as well as the Table of Content to the right. Let’s begin.

Launch & the Initial Setup

To launch Audio Recorder & Editor, click the Windows Start button and type “Audio Recorder & Editor”. Locate and click the program entry to run the application.

The main application Window provides access to all the tools that you need for recording, importing, editing, mixing, labelling, converting and exporting.  Visit the Project Window visual guide to learn more about the layout of these tools.

The first thing to configure, prior to start recording or importing audio, is to set the Project Sample Rate to 44100 Hz, which is the recommended and thus the default setting. This setting can be located at the lower-left corner of the main window.

Prior to recording your audio, make sure your input device (e.g. microphone) and output device (e.g. speakers or headset) are properly connected and configured. The recommended setting for Project Sample Rate is 44100 Hz.