How to Record Audio

When you have connected and set up your input device and the ideal Project Sample Rate, follow these step to start recording:

  1. From the Control Toolbar, click the Record button
  2. Start playing the input stream, or for voice recording, speak to the microphone
  3. Press the Pause button to pause recording; press it again to resume recording
  4. Press the Stop button when you are done with recording

The program creates a new Audio Track, which is displayed in a Waveform format.

Adjust Recording Volume

In order to achieve the best audio quality, it is highly recommended that you adjust recording volume before editing.

To increase or decrease the volume of recording, adjust the Recording Volume slider control in the Mixer Toolbar.

When recording vocal tracks, move closer to the microphone if the volume is too low.

Adjust microphone volume

If the sound level in your recording is still not acceptable, even after you have increased the Recording Volume, you should adjust the microphone volume in Windows Sound Settings:

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run Command dialog box
  • Type mmsys.cpl and press Enter
  • Select the Recording tab, select the active microphone and choose Properties
  • In Microphone Properties, select Levels and adjust the Microphone Boost slider to increase the recording volume