How to Save & Export Project

It’s important to save all of the work you have created as a project to prevent any unforeseeable problems. A project contains all information including audio tracks, raw audio data, volume settings, position, sound effects etc.

Choose File > Save Project > Save Project or simply press Ctrl + S, to save your project at a safe location.

How to Export Project

In order to successfully share your audio projects, it is recommended that you use either of the two most common audio file formats: WAV or MP3, when exporting.

To do so, select File > Export > Export as MP3 / WAV

It is because the WAV format is created without compression and therefore it is ideal for preserving original sound quality. This is the reason why the WAV format is always used for archiving audio tracks. When you look for balance between quality and file size, then consider using the MP3 format. It generates much smaller audio files with optimal quality and makes it easy for sharing.