Tip of the Day - 2

Recording & Importing

Creating your own audio project usually starts with importing audio files or recording sound tracks. Today, we focus on learning how to import and record audio tracks. You will learn how to connect audio equipment, import audio, conduct your first recording, and set preferences for recording.

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How to import audio files

Learn the three different ways to import audio files (e.g. WAV or MP3) files from your computer. How to preserve metadata from original audio files...


How to import from CDs

Audio Recorder & Editor does not contain any function for importing (ripping) audio from CDs. This can, however, be achieved by using other applications to extract the data into a file format supported by the app...


Connecting Audio Equipment

A guide to physically connecting various pieces of Audio equipment to the application. This includes microphones, instruments like guitars, mixer and USB devices ...


Your First Recording

This set of tutorials provide a guide to making your first microphone, guitar or keyboard recording with the software...


Settings & Preferences for Recording

Fine tune how recording works in the app, including sound activated recording, punch and roll recording, play other tracks while recording (overdub)...

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