Tip of the Day - 3

Basic Editing Skills

Audio Recorder & Editor offers a wide range of editing features. Our focus for today is to learn the basic yet important skills that get you off the ground. You will feel confident about using the application to conduct common editing tasks after reviewing these tutorials. 

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Quickest way to learn editing

The easiest way to learn basic editing skills is by making changes to an existing audio file. If you are new to Audio Recorder & Editor, this is a highly recommended approach.


Audio Track Alignment

Align multiple tracks so that their audio starts at the same point on the timeline above the waveform. For example you would often want to do this when you have recorded one track against another...


Split and Join Tracks

Learn to split a stereo track into separate tracks for left and right channels; split a stereo track into two separate mono tracks; join two mono, left or right tracks into one stereo track...


Copy and Paste a section of audio

Copying and pasting a section of audio from one track to another is a useful way to paste the good sections of one take over the bad sections of another take...


Envelope Tool

Every track has an "amplitude envelope" which is controlled with the Envelope Tool on the Tools Toolbar. An amplitude envelope allows you to control a track's volume changes smoothly over time...

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