Free Kindle Books

Nebula eBook Reader brings the most up-to-date free Kindle books from Amazon for easy access. The book list is refreshed daily to reflect the latest free book offers. This guide explains how to make the best use of this feature:

Launch the Free Kindle Books feature

The Free Kindle Books feature is accessible from the Welcome screen 

  • Launch the app
  • Click the Free Kindle Books icon

A new Window titled Get Free Kindle Books is launched, within which you can browse, search, and acquire Kindle books.

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Browse for free Kindle books

You can browse books in two different ways: review the entire catalog or pick a book genre to be more specific.

To browse the entire collection:

  • From the genre list at the left, click the node titled All, which gives you access to the entire book collection
  • Click the page navigation buttons at the top to flip the catalog page back or forward

To browse a specific genre:

  • From the genre list at the click, click the title of a genre to access books categorized in that particular topic
  • Click the page navigation buttons at the top to flip the genre page back or forward

Search for free Kindle books

As the entire collection may contain a few hundred books, the search feature can be used to find books of specific topics or content.

  •  Click the search box located the top-right corner of the window
  • Enter a keyword or a phrase
  • Click the magnifier icon to start the search

The search results are displayed in the book list Window, browse the books as you would for any other genre or collection.

To clear the search results, click the Home icon to the left of the search box or any genre.


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Acquire free Kindle books

To learn more or acquire a kindle book, click the book cover from the collection list. This displays the book overview Window, in which you can review the book cover and summary. 

Should you decide to acquire the book, click Acquire Book from the Kindle Store, which brings you to the book page on Amazon Kindle store, from where you can get the book.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • As we strive to refresh the collection reasonably fast, there are always the latest changes made to books by the Kindle store. Therefore, sometimes a book may not be free by the time you wish to acquire. 
  • You need an Amazon account in order to acquire Kindle books, regardless their prices, free or not.
  • The free book deals are collected based on, refer to this Amazon guide for how to switch the country of your account so that you can access book deals as if you were in the U.S. 

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