How to View eBooks and Docs

Nebula eBook Reader provides many options for setting the optimal display that best fits your preference for reading and viewing documents, by adjusting Page Layout and Zoom Level.

Page layout

Page Layout: from the View menu and the page layout toolbar buttons located at the top of the app, you can define how pages are laid out. From the View menu:

  • Single Page View: displays the document with only one page at a time
  • Two page View: displays the document with two pages in the reader
  • Book View: a special mode of two-page view with odd numbered pages on the right starting from the book cover page.
  • Enable Scrolling: scroll smoothly and continuously or in a style like turning pages
  • Rotate View: turn the entire display of the document Clockwise or Counterclockwise, 90-degree at a time
  • Presentation: full-screen with single-page view and Fit Page  
  • Full Screen: full-screen with all existing zoom and page layout settings

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Zoom and page fitting


Zoom and Page Fitting: from the zoom toolbar controls, you can adjust the zoom level and page fitting style for the app reader window:

  • [-] Zoom out: zooms the display out to reduce the display 
  • [+] Zoom in: zooms the display inward to enlarge the display
  • Fit Page: display the entire page area in the reader window
  • Actual Size: display the actual size of the document at 100% zoom 
  • Fit Width: fit the display to the width of the reader window
  • Fit Content: fit the content of the document, excluding header, footer, page margins, to the entire display of the reader window

Shortcuts for quick setting

Shortcuts for Quick Settings: to the right of the View menu there are four shortcut buttons providing the most commonly used combination of page layout, zoom, and fitting:

  • Book View: just turn on the book view without altering anything else.
  • Single-page view | Fit Width | Enable Scrolling
  • Single-page view | Fit Page | Disable Scrolling
  • Full-screen: just turn on the Full-Screen mode

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