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Options for Conversion

Nebula Office PDF Converter provides multiple options to cater your needs for PDF conversion. Selection of page range for conversion and the destination folder for saving the output files are two of the most useful options.

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Select Page Range

The app detects and displays the total page number for each source document (Fig. 1). To the right of the total page number column is a pair of edit box for you to define the Convert Range by entering  the starting and the ending page number. For instance, to convert the first 3 pages of a document with 10 pages in total:

  • Enter the number “1” in the first edit box,
  • Enter the number “3” in the second edit box.

Define the Destination Folder(s)

Output files from the conversion process can be saved in one of the two options:

  • Place converted files in their source folder – this ensures every output file is saved in the exact same folder as its matching source file.
  • Place converted files in the following folder – this defines a specific folder for all output files.  To do so, click the Browse button and select the location for the output folder.

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Convert PDF Files
Fig. 1 - Convert Range & Destination Folder

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