Select & Manage Files

Every conversion feature in the app starts with selecting one or more files as the source documents for conversion, whether converting from or to PDF. 

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Select source files

  1. Open a conversion function window, e.g. PDF to Word – From the main window click the PDF to Word button
  2. Open the Browse for File dialog box – from the side menu bar, click “Add Files…” to open the Browse for File dialog box (Fig. 1)
  3. Select the source file(s) – find and select the files for conversion. In this case, they are PDF files. You can select multiple source files at once. Click Open to add the files

The files selected now appear in the file list in the middle of the window.

Manage PDF File(s)

You can add or remove any source files from the conversion window (Fig. 2).

  • Remove an individual file – under the Action column, click the Delete File icon to the right of the source file you would like to remove
  • Remove one or more files – use the blue selection box to check the files you would like to move, and then click Remove Selected Files from the menu
  • Remove All Files – simply removes all source files from the dialog box, regardless if they are selected or not

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Select PDF files for conversion
Fig. 1 - Select PDF Files
Manage PDF files
Fig. 2 - Manage PDF Files

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