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For various technical reasons we cannot provide a Search box/button for the Manual.

This page provides some useful workarounds.


  1. Google search
  2. Searching on the Manual's front page
  3. Audacity Index
  4. accessing this search page


The release version of the Audacity Manual does not have a built-in search engine. However, you can easily search the on-line version using Google.

For example, if you want to search for "crossfade tracks", use this as the search term: site: "crossfade tracks"

Click here to: see it in action.

Bulb icon Add a bookmark / favorite to your web browser to: site:

Then you can use that shortcut and only need to type the search term (such as "crossfade tracks").

Searching on the Manual's front page

In most cases it is possible to find the relevant section by searching the Front (Home) Page of the manual with your web browser's word search, usually Ctrl + F (or ⌘ + F on Mac).

The Amazing Imagemap

The big picture of the Audacity interface on that page is a clickable imagemap which has "tooltips" when you hover the mouse over it.

Clicking on that part of the image will take you to the appropriate page of the Manual.

Replica of the front page imagemap. Click on any part of it to learn more about that functionality.
File MenuEdit MenuSelect MenuView MenuTransport MenuTracks MenuGenerate MenuEffect MenuAnalyze MenuTools MenuExtra MenuHelp MenuMenu BarPause ButtonPlay ButtonStop ButtonSkip to Start ButtonSkip to End ButtonRecord ButtonTransport ToolbarSelection ToolEnvelope ToolDraw ToolZoom ToolTime Shift ToolMulti-ToolTools ToolbarMeter Dropdown MenuMeter Dropdown MenuRecording MeterPlayback MeterPlayback SliderRecording SliderMixer ToolbarCut ButtonCopy ButtonPaste ButtonTrim ButtonSilence Audio ButtonUndo ButtonRedo ButtonZoom In ButtonZoom Out ButtonZoom to Selection ButtonZoom to Fit ButtonZoom ToggleEdit ToolbarPlay-at-Speed ToolbarDevice ToolbarUnpinned Play/Recording HeadTimelineScrub RulerTrack Close ButtonAudio Track Dropdown MenuMute ButtonSolo ButtonTrack Gain SliderTrack Pan SliderTrack InfoTrack Collapse and Select buttonsVertical ScaleLeft Channel of Stereo Audio TrackRight Channel of Stereo Audio TrackTrack Control PanelLabel TrackSelection ToolbarProject Rate Dropdown MenuSnap To OptionsSelection Position boxesTime Toolbar - audio positionLower Tool DockStatus BarProjectWindowImagemap 240 - no numbers.png


Click for details
Click on the image to learn more

Audacity Index

The Manual has a rudimentary Index which can be searched.

The Index can always be accessed from the Reference section of the left-hand navigation bars.

Reference - Index.png

This search page

This page can readily be accessed from the Reference section of the left-hand navigation bars.

Reference - Search.png