Formatting Pages in a Page Layout

Formatting pages in a page layout

Nebula Office Writer is a word processing component of the Nebula office. Apart from the usual features that the Word offers, Writer provides you with some additional features. Some of them are: Page layout methods, which include frame, columns, and tables. Built-in drawing tools Database integration which also includes a biography database Templates and styles […]

Learn how to create Forms in Nebula Office

Create Forms in Nebula Office

Nebula Office has emerged to be a great alternative to Microsoft. It is compatible with Microsoft, Google Sheets, Google Documents, and the entire collection of Open Office file formats for Windows. With the use of documents, creation, and filling up of forms has become an integral function. Read below to know more. About Forms You […]

Embedded or linking of graphics, spreadsheets, and other objects

Linking objects

Nebula Office for Windows is presenting a suite of Office productivity software for its users. It is compatible with all OpenOffice formats for Windows. Nebula Office,  which is suitable for entry-level to advanced users, is a great alternative to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Nebula Office also comes with a light PDF editor, a vector graphics […]

Exporting to PDF including bookmarks

Exporting to PDF

Nebula Office is a suite created for office and business needs. It has all the required tools like Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, and math formula. These are helpful in producing word documents, spreadsheets, and more. The writer of the Nebula Office is the tool that one uses mostly. It helps you in completing word documents […]