How to Add or Delete Audio

Use the same method as how you would import an audio track, for instance: a background music track, to an audio recording you just created. The second audio track appears in parallel to the first sound track in the Work Area.

It is highly recommended that you add text labels to all your tracks.  To do so, click the dropdown button in the Track Control Panel, located in the top-left area of the track. Select Name… and type a label to be applied.

Cut-n-Paste Audio Track

From time-to-time, there are needs of cutting and pasting a chunk of audio recording from an existing track. In this scenario it is best to work with a blank track without modifying the source track.

A blank track can be either a Mono track or a Stereo track. Click Tracks > Add New and choose the type of track you would like to to create.

Delete Audio Tracks

There are two ways of deleting an entire audio track from a project:

  • click the Delete [X] button at the top-left corner of the track, or
  • Select Tracks > Remove Tracks to delete the active sound track

You can also just delete a section of an audio track:

  • Click the Selection Tool
  • Click and hold down the mouse to drag and select the part of the audio you want to delete. Your selection will be marked.
  • Choose Edit > Delete or press the Delete key to remove the selection

By default, the sound track or label to the right of the selection will be shifted to fill the gap created by the deletion. If you  don’t want that happen, then use the Edit > Remove Special > Split Cut or Split Delete method instead. A gap between the selection will be created afterwards.