Tip of the Day - 1

Getting Started

Welcome to Audio Recorder & Editor – an all-in-one audio recording and editing software built with the latest open-source technology from the Audacity Project. Our focus for the day is to get your familiar with the application interface, learn about tracks , and setup for recording. Explore any topic below to learn more.

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The main interface

Learn the basic layout of the program interface using the interactive clickable imagemap which has "tooltips" when you hover the mouse over it...


The Program Tour Guide

This guide provides a quick tour of essential features of the application. There are many links on this page (highlighted in blue). Click the links to go to the more detailed pages in the app manual...


Work with Tracks

Learn how to add different tracks: mono and stereo tracks, how to label tracks, time wrap tracks, and add notes to tracks...


How to Setup Recording

Learn the most basic yet essential recording skills, including setting up recording devices, monitor and adjust recording levels, and start recording...


How to save your audio project

It's highly recommended that you learn how to save your audio creation project as early as possible. You can then return to unfinished work with all tracks and edits...

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