Loading External Subtitles in Nebula Media Player

When we watch the movies, or any other videos in Nebula Media Player, we usually intend to turn on the subtitles. The subtitles always help when we do not understand the story completely, especially when the movie has some other language. Nebula Media Player helps you with this; now you can open all the external subtitles and utilize these for the existing video.

Currently, most of the movies come with the in-built or embedded subtitles. However, some other movies or videos ask you to download the subtitles using any external resource. In some cases, you may be given the subtitles with the movie; however; the subtitles may or may not be embedded with the movie.

Most of the subtitles are usually comes with “.srt” format/extension; however, there are some other formats exists. For example- most of the video formats, many subtitles formats having a different extension, which is supported by Nebula Media Player.

How to open up an external subtitle?

Procedure 1

  • Open your video on Nebula media player; ensure that the player starts playing the video or movie.
  • From the menu bar of Nebula media player click on the Subtitle>add subtitle file.

Procedure 2

  • Keep your movie/video file and the subtitles file under the same location/folder.
  • Now, provide the similar name to both the files, here you need to ensure that you are keeping the extension name different for both the files.

For example:

  • The video or movie file- Movie.name.mp4
  • The Subtitle file- Movie.name.srt

For multiple languages and more than one subtitle, you can use the following format:

  • movie.name.lang.srt

For example- movie.name.en.srt or movie.name.ru.srt

Open the video/movie file using Nebula media player, now the subtitles will be loading automatically from the start.

If you want to load, the subtitles in Nebula Media Player’s app- Try downloading the subtitles manually or automatically in the Nebula Media Player app.

What are the external subtitle formats, which supported by Nebula media player?

There are lots of subtitles supported by Nebula media player. Here is the list of a few external subtitles formats (extensions), which are supported by Nebula media player.

  1. .aqt for AQTitle
  2. .cvd for Chaoji VCD
  3. .dks for DKS
  4. .jss for JACOSub
  5. .sub for MicroDVD/MPSub/SubViewer/VOBSub
  6. .ttxt for MPEG-4 Timed Text
  7. .mpl for ML2
  8. .txt for ML2/VPlayer
  9. .pjs for Phoenix Subtitle
  10. .psb for PowerDivX
  11. .rt for RealText/Smil
  12. .smi for SAMI
  13. .ssf for Structured Subtitle Format
  14. .srt for SubRip
  15. .ssa for Sub Station Alpha
  16. .svcd for Super Video CD
  17. .usf for Universal Subtitle
  18. .idx for VOBSub