Calc Main Window

Calc Main Window

Calc is a spreadsheet application of the Nebula Office suite that comes with several features. It supports about 1 million rows in the spreadsheet component. Calc allows the user to effectively calculate, examine, and manage data, especially numerical to produce specific results.

Compatibility of Calc

Considering the compatibility of Calc to that of other spreadsheet applications, Calc in Nebula Office is a bit advanced. It offers improved compatibility and experience. Wildcards like an asterisk (*), tilde (~), and question mark (?), that are far-flung in other spreadsheets are accredited by Nebula Office. By adopting this option, Nebula Office calc makes the procedure easy even if you are not very conversant with using the regular expressions.

Nebula Office Calc uses its own formula syntax by default. While the syntax used in Microsoft Excel is Excel R1, Nebula Office Calc uses Calc R1. Nebula Office can smoothly translate between the two. If you are comfortable and familiar with Excel, you are allowed to alter the default syntax in Calc. To perform this, go to Tools, then Options, and Nebula Office Calc. Click Formula and then Formula Syntax. Choose Excel R1 from the menu that comes up.

However, when it comes to Macros compatibility is not entirely possible. This is because Nebula Office applies basic code which is based on Nebula Office. On the other hand, Microsoft word employ VBA or Visual Basic for Applications Code.

Though the programming languages are alike, the objects and methods are dissimilar or different. However, if the user enables Excel Visual Basic script, Nebula Office can run some. To do this, go to Tools, then Options, and select Load or Save and VBA properties.

Main Window of Calc

When the user starts calc, the main window comes up. The various parts of the main window are the title bar, menu bar, toolbars, formula bar, status bar, sidebar and many more..

Calc Main Window

  1. Title bar

The title bar locates at the top of the main window. It showcases the name of the spreadsheet. When the user creates a new spreadsheet from a template or a blank document, the name of the spreadsheet will be Untitled X.

Here the X refers to the number. If you want to save the spreadsheet for the first time, you need to enter a name which can be anything of your choice. After that, the spreadsheet will have that name as the title.

  1. Menu bar

The menu bar comes under the title bar. Several options appear when you select one of the menus. Some of the options are:

  • File: it bears the commands that can apply to the whole document. The commands are open, Wizard, Save, Print, Export as PDF, Signatures, and templates.
  • Edit: this is the command that allows the user to edit the document. It contains Undo, copy, Track changes, and Finds and replaces.
  • Insert: using the insert menu, one can insert different elements into the document like textbox, images, headers, and footers.
  • View: consists of the commands that are necessary to alter the interface looks of Calc. The commands include Toolbars, View Headers, Zoom, Fullscreen.
  1. Toolbars

The location of the Standard and Formatting toolbar in Nebula Office is at the upside of the workspace. The toolbar comes as a default setting when the Calc opens. The user can move the toolbar on the workspace according to his convenience.

If you want to choose the single toolbar alternative instead of the default double toolbar arrangement, click view, toolbars, and Standard (single view) to activate it. You also need to disable the other one by clicking view, toolbars, and standard and then view, toolbars, and formatting.

  1. Formula Bar

The place of the formula bar in the Calc workspace is top of the sheet. Unlike the toolbar, the formula bar is permanently fixed in this position. If it is not visible on the workspace, select view in the menu bar and then click the Formula bar. It consists of a name box, function wizard, sum, function, and input line.

Formula Bar

  1. Status Bar

The status bar of Calc gives info about the spreadsheet. It also provides quick and effective ways to alter some of the features of the spreadsheet. It allows the user to do operations like calculate, count elements, etc.

Status Bar

  1. SideBar

The sidebar is on the right side of the Calc window in Nebula Office. It is a combination of toolbar and dialog. The Calc sidebar is very similar to that of the writer’s sidebar.