Adding Comments to a Presentation

In your professional life, presentations have a vital role which gives you a platform to talk directly to an audience. The first and foremost direction to a clear and consistent presentation is sufficient preparation. How to prepare for a presentation, especially when you are involved in collaborative work. The best way is to add comments to the presentation.

How to add comments to your Presentation?

  • To add comments in the slides, start with changing to Normal view.
  • Then choose the slide in which you want to put comments.
  • In the main menu bar, go to Insert and then Comment. You can also apply the keyboard short cut of Ctrl + Alt + C. The command will open a comment box.
  • In the slide, the box appears at the top left corner.
  • The comment box’s size is fixed and hence you can’t change it accordingly. However, scroll bars appear whenever necessary.

You can start typing your comment in the box. Once you finish the typing, click anywhere outside the comment box. By this, you can close it and move to the next one.

Editing Comments

While you prepare continuously for your presentation, you may want to make changes in it. The more you read, analyze, and prepare for it, the more changes can appear. In such a situation, you are more inclined to make modifications in the slides or sometimes in the comments.

In certain cases, you may want to make changes in someone else’s comments. But some people don’t know how to edit the comments they have created once. Editing comments in Nebula Office Impress is similar to that in the Microsoft PowerPoint. Based on the requirements, the user can edit comments he/she created as much as times they want. However, there are limits in the editing options for comments.

  • First, open the comment on the slide. By clicking on the comment indicator, you can open the comment box.
  • After the comment box displays, change the existing text or add more to it.
  • You can change the cursor to the text tool by simply clicking on the text.
  • Type whatever you want to add or make necessary changes.

You can even format the text.

  • First right-click on the open document and you will be led to the context menu.
  • Click on the appropriate option.

Apart from writing your comment, you can take information from other sources as well including online sources. Copy and paste the important notes you require in the comment box. Once you finish with the additions and editing, click anywhere outside the box to close it.

Replying to Comments

If the comments are by someone else, how to convey your suggestions and doubts to the author of the comment. Like in the Writer, you can reply to it. Reply to comments comes relevant and necessary when you are in group work. It helps you in effective communication and renders more clarity to your presentation.

To reply, first open the comment. Now you know how to open a comment right?  Once the box opens, you can do it in two ways.

  • First is to press on the small triangle that comes in the bottom right corner of the comment box. Or you can right-click on the comment and from the Context menu that appears select Reply.
  • The second option is available only if two or more people have made comments in the presentation. After replying to the comment, you need to close it. And you know how to do that!

Delete Comments

There can be certain occasions where you no longer need a comment in your presentation and remove it. Sometimes you might want to delete quite a few of them, sometimes all of them. Like editing and replying, you can delete comments and comment boxes, if you don’t want them to appear on your slides. The comment that is currently open, selected comments or you can delete the entire comments in the presentation simply and easily.

  1. Start with right-clicking the comment indicator. Then prefer the appropriate option, delete in this case, you want from the context menu that opened.
  2. You can also do it in another way. Open a comment box. Then select the small triangle located at the bottom right corner. Or right-click and the suitable pick from the context menu.

Always have great presentations in your life. We hope this article clarified all your queries regarding comments in presentations in Impress. Keep going with full confidence!