Know how to use the Remote Control in Impress

Remote Control in Impress

Nebula Office offers various tools that shall help you to create fantastic presentations or spreadsheets or documents. In that case, one needs to learn about these tools that will enhance the quality of such presentations. One of these tools is the Impress.

With the help of Impress, you can easily create presentations. You can add text, pictures, audio, or video to your slides to make it attractive and presentable. However, one might also need to present slides on a mobile or any other device to save time. To do that smoothly, you need to use Impress Remote Control. Read below to know more.

About Impress Remote Control

Are you looking for an application that you can run on your mobile to give presentations? If yes, then the Impress Remote Control is here to help you.

With the help of this application, one can control a presentation and present it on their mobile or tablet. Your computer and the cell phone device are linked through a Bluetooth or a connection network, which is local.

If you wish to acquire this software, you need to use your mobile device store. Either you opt for Google Play Store or Apple Store for iOS devices. Look for the application and install it.

One needs to activate Bluetooth on both devices. Also, remember to do the proper pairing to facilitate functioning. Once the pairing has been done, the slides shall run smoothly with the help of your cell phones.

There are various other functions that you can perform with the help of Impress. You can manage the graphic objects, arrange objects, align objects, and so on. The 3D effect is also readily available that will help you to perform various tasks easily. Animations are available for users as well. Settings for audio-video, charts, and spreadsheets are available too that facilitates the smooth functioning.

Enable remote control

Remember that no default function works here. A slide show that is done with the help of Impress is not available by default. To enable the control, go to Tools followed by Options followed by Nebula Office Impress. Then, choose General. A checkbox for enabling the Remote Control will be visible. Select that checkbox.

Run the slides on Impress Remote Control

Impress Remote Control allows you to run the presentation smoothly and efficiently. Once you are ready with your slides, it is time to run them with the help of Impress Remote Control. To do that, you need to follow these simple steps.

  • One needs to keep both the devices ready. Ensure that you have enabled Bluetooth on both the devices along with proper configuration.
  • Then, get your presentation on display that you are going to present.
  • Turn your phone on and perform these steps.
  • First, go to the main menu and Open Impress Remote.
  • You need to choose your computer. To do that click on the name of the computer. One can notice that the presentation on the screen will start automatically. The presentation opened on the computer begins automatically.

Other functions

If you want to advance the presentation, simply tap the slide thumbnail. One can also use the phone’s physical volume up button to advance a presentation. Double-tap the slide thumbnail or use the mobile’s volume button that you use to reduce the volume button to go in a backward direction.

Skipping the slide animations is also very much in use. In order to skip slide animations and transitions just swipe left. On swiping left, you will be taken to the next slide. You can also swipe right to move back.

Now, to put an end to the presentation, search for the back button on your mobile device. Press that button and the presentation will come to an end. One can also open the menu and select Stop slide show.

At the end

Impress Remote Control allows you to perform various functions on a presentation. You can work with the slides very easily with the help of this feature by Nebula Office. In case your laptop or computer is not working you can easily use this feature to run the slides. The connection to your mobile device is established now and you can work with your presentations very easily.

There are various other functions that you can perform as well. One can advance the slides or go backward or put an end to the presentation as well. In fact, enabling and putting an end to this function is also very simple. The steps are very convenient to follow.