Main impress window

Main impress window

Impress is the name of the presentation program in the Nebula Office. You can easily create slides with many elements. You can add text, bullets, lists, tables, and charts using impress. One can also add graphic objects to his presentation. Impress also includes the feature of a spelling checker, text styles, and background styles.

One can easily make drawings just like the drawing program in Nebula Office. It is usually considered as a PowerPoint slideshow alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. In this article, we are going to give basic knowledge about the main Impress window.

Using the Impress Window

The first window of impress opens with the presentation template dialog box. The impress window has three main parts:

  • Slides pane
  • Workspace
  • Sidebar

Many toolbars are also present on the screen while making the presentation. You can also increase the area of the workspace by selecting the Hide/Show marker. It is present in the middle of the vertical separator line. To restore the changes done again, click on the Hide/Show marker.

Slides Pane

This pane includes the pictures of thumbnails of the slides. You can easily make changes to it when the slide is in the workspace. There are many more functions of side pane:

  • It adds new slides to the presentation.
  • You can mark the slide as hidden. Then, this slide will not be present in your presentation.
  • You can also delete the slide that you want to remove.
  • One can also rename the slide.
  • You can easily copy and paste the slide.
  • By using the drag and drop options, you can move the slides to the desired place.


The workspace refers to the center area of the main window. It opens in a normal view. There are mainly five tabs in the workspace:

  • Normal
  • Outline
  • Notes
  • Handout
  • Slide sorter


It has many sections in it. You can also expand any section of your choice. Just click on the icon of the respective section. You can open only one section at one time. The various sections are:


It shows you the layouts that are present in the impress. You can choose anyone as per your choice. You can also modify it according to your needs.

Slide transition:

This section provides you with many options for slide transitions. The default option is the No Transition option. Many more transitions are also available. You can easily change the speed of the transition. The three options of speed are: Slow, medium, and fast.

Custom animation:

You can enhance the appearance of your slide by using the custom animations. You can easily add, remove, change animations of your slide and give it a professional look.

Master pages:

You can select a style for your page or slide by using the Master Pages option. There are many designs for Master Pages in Impress. The default option is Blank. There are many more options also with many designs available.

Styles and formatting:

You can edit and add graphics to your slide by using this option. These changes are automatically applied to all the elements in the slide.


This option opens the gallery. From here you can insert the object to your presentation. The object is inserted either as a copy or a link.


This option opens the impress navigator. You can easily move to the other slide using this option. It helps us to find items in a presentation. You can click on the icon of the navigator present on the standard toolbar to use this option. You can also a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F5.


There are many toolbars present for your use. You can use them accordingly while creating the slides. You can view or hide the toolbars by following steps:

  • Click on the View option.
  • Select the Toolbars option.

You can also select some specific icons that you want to display on the toolbars.

Status bar

It is present at the bottom of the window of Impress. The status bar has many components. Some of them are:

  • Information area
  • Cursor position
  • Unsaved changes
  • Digital signature
  • Slide number
  • Page or slide style
  • Zoom slider
  • Zoom percentage

These are some basic points about the main Impress window and its components. By using these features, you can give your presentations and documents a unique look.