Modifying the appearance of all slides in Impress

Modifying the appearance of all slides in Impress

Nebula Office has come up with a suite of free office software that is feature-rich and extremely user-friendly. It enables efficient digital workflows which make workers more productive. Nebula is compatible with the entire collection of open office formats for Windows.

It is a perfect alternative to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Here we will be briefing about how to modify the appearance of slides in Nebula Office Impress.

Impress Application 

The Nebula Office software suite uses the Impress application for making slideshow presentations. It allows us to incorporate 2D and 3D objects and scenes.

By selecting the presenter view in monitors group on the slide show tab we can present our presentation on multiple monitors. It comes with extensive help and support system which makes it more efficient.

Creation of the slides

Create a new presentation and add slides with text and objects in it. Modify slide appearance by using slides of slide master as templates. Modify slideshow by adding, deleting slides and applying transition effects, etc. in it. Add an extra display to your presentation using the presenter console.

Modifications in Slides 

Adding a slide

  • Slide sorter view: click in the main work area and select the new slide.
  • Normal view: right-click on the workspace and select slide>new slide.

Inserting a slide

  • Select the slide before which you want to insert a new slide.
  • Go to insert>file>open.
  • Select the slides you want to insert and click on OK.

Copying and pasting slides

  • Open the presentations and go to view>slide sorter.
  • Use shortcut key ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste the slides.

Duplicating slides

In slide sorter or normal view go to insert>duplicate slide.

Renaming slides

  • In slide sorter or normal view go to slide>rename slide
  • After renaming it press OK.

Expanding slides

First, check whether the layout of the slide is suitable for expansion or not. If it is, then go to slide>expand slide.

Duplicating Slides

It is useful when you want a new slide to inherit formatting, layout, and animation from the selected slide. We can use this feature to prevent slides showing too much information making the audience not very interested in it.

To duplicate slide in normal or slide sorter view go to slide>duplicate slide on the main menu.

Summary Slides

It should include the main points of your presentation in favour of the message you are trying to get across. To do this select the slide go to slide> summary slide on the main menu bar and create the slide at the end of the presentation.

Inserting Slides from Another Presentation

In normal view select the slide before which you want to insert a new slide.

  • Go to insert> file on the menu bar.
  • An insert file dialog box appears.
  • Select the slide and click on open.
  • Select the slides from a list of slides appearing on clicking a small triangular icon.
  • Click OK to do the required.

Features of Impress Outline View

 Auto abstract

  • While using auto abstract, you must make sure that your headings must be in heading paragraph styles.
  • Select the number of outline levels to be copied
  • Use promote/demote icons to correct hierarchical order of outline points.

Page setup

  • In normal view or notes view or handout view, right-click on the slide and choose Properties.
  • The page setup dialog box opens which allows you to format the page and make changes in margins and layout settings.
  • By clicking OK you can save your changes.

Presentations Notes

Notes are generally used as prompts for the person giving the presentation.

Adding notes

  • Select the slide and click on the Notes tab at the top of the workspace.
  • Click in the text box showing click to add notes and add it.
  • Return to normal view after that.

Formatting notes

  • Go to view>notes page to open notes view then go to view> master> notes master.


It is always a good practice to provide a readable explanation to your presentation.

  • To add comment switch to normal view and then insert> comment from the main menu bar.
  • This application also allows us to edit, reply, and delete comments which makes it user-friendly.

Distribution to the Audience

Presentation handout is a special view of presentation for printing and distributing presentation to the audience. The layout of handouts can be easily changed and modified according to needs.


After completing the presentation, Impress allows us to share it in PDF, HTML and various other graphic formats.