Start learning using the keyboard on Nebula Office

Start learning using the keyboard on Nebula Office

Nebula Office is one of the most used software that will help you to perform various activities very easily. It is a great alternative to Microsoft. Nebula Office is compatible with Microsoft, Google sheets, and documents. Nebula Office uses Nebula Office for operations. It is based on white-labeled technology.

A keyboard is an indispensable part of operations. While you start using the software you must be well-equipped in using the keyboard. To learn about the operations, read below.

Work with Numbers

To work with the numbers, start by clicking in the cell and type in a number. You can do so by entering numbers with the help of the main keyboard or a numeric one. You will notice that the numbers getting placed with the right alignment. If you want to feed in a negative digit, you can simply type a minus before the digit or put the number within parentheses. You will see that the outcome for both the methods of entry will be the same.

You can also use zeroes that are leading to keep the minimum number of integer characters in place. One can choose this option to retain a minimum number of integer characters in a cell when entering numbers in order to retain the number format.

If you want to use the keyboard, follow these steps.

  • Right-click on the cell you have selected. After that choose Format Cells. You can also go to the Format followed by Cells. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells dialog box.
  • Now, you must ensure that you choose the Numbers tab. After that, you need to choose a number on the list.
  • Finally, you need to click OK.


Work with Date and Time

Remember to choose the cell and feed the date or time. You can also keep the components of the data separate with the help of a slash (/) or a hyphen (–).  You can also use text for typing the date and time. If you start tying the date, you must know that the format of the date shall change automatically to the one chosen by Calc.

When you enter a time, you can keep the parts of the date apart with colons. You will notice that format will change on its own to the one already selected.

Use Autocorrect

While you are working with a keyboard, you can simply use the Autocorrect option. As you start feeding data into the document, Calc starts applying many changes on its own. You will be able to get this result with the help of the autocorrect feature. This will continue until any changes have not been made active.

If you want to undo any autocorrected data you can do that too. You need to press Ctrl+Z. You can also do it manually by getting back to the earlier change. This will help in the replacement as well.

If you wish to alter the autocorrect options, you need to click Tools followed by AutoCorrect Options on the Menu bar. You will find that the Autocorrect dialog box will appear on the screen.

You can replace, localize the options, and reset using the Autocorrect.

Speed up Data entry

It might be very tiring to enter data into a spreadsheet. But here you can avail of various tools that can help you to enter data in a faster manner.

The easiest way is to simply drag and drop the data in a cell from one cell to the other. You can also use Auto input to do the same. It is a very helpful way of feeding data into a cell faster. Here you need not worry about the material for automating input. Many people also find AutoInput helpful. You can use this feature in case of material with similar content. It can include various tools like fill tool and selection lists.

Nebula Office offers various tools that will enhance the quality of work. You can also work with various other features that will help you to work in a better manner.  The features are diverse and can be used to perform each and every function smoothly and ensures a hassle-free working experience. You can work with spreadsheets, documents, and much more.