The Main Features of Nebula Office

Nebula Office is the free office software for Windows users. It is compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides. It also includes a light PDF editor. Nebula Office is the perfect alternative to Word, Excel & PowerPoint for all levels of users.

The Nebula Office software suite contains the following individual applications:

  • Writer – for creating documentations and equivalent to Microsoft Word
  • Calc – for working with spreadsheet and comparable to Microsoft Excel
  • Impress -for making slideshow presentation like using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Draw – for generating drawings, diagrams, flowcharts and floor plans as compared to Microsoft Visio
  • Plus there are also the Math Formula and database modules for advanced users

Writer for documents

From word processing to desktop publishing, Nebula Writer has all the features you need to freely express your ideas and showcase your creativity.

  • A full featured Word document editor
  • Create indexes and tables in documents
  • Offer a wide variety of document design options
  • Desktop publishing for brochures and newsletters
  • Insert pictures with different formats

Calc for spreadsheet

Calc is an intuitive and easy to use spreadsheet program that comes with a comprehensive range of advanced features. Calc makes it possible to collect, cross-tabulate, and summarize data from enterprise database.

  • Designed for both home and corporate users
  • Use built-in templates to enhance work efficiency
  • Real-time data analysis with the Scenario Manager
  • Flexible cell formatting with numerous styling features
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel (.xlsx & .xls)

Impress for slideshow presentations

Create outstanding presentations with rich content. Use our easy-to-use drawing and diagramming tools to add style and sophistication to your slideshow. Manage and deliver presentation with Slide Show Mode to control how slides are presented.

  • Versatile creation and editing features
  • Create presentation with media-rich content
  • Incorporate objects and scenes in 2D and 3D
  • Support multiple monitors with Presenter Console
  • Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx & .ppt)

Draw for drawings & diagrams

Nebula Office’ Draw provides all means for you to produce anything ranging from a quick sketch to technical drawings, flowcharts or even a complex floor plan.

  • Maximum page size of 300 x 300cm
  • Design flowcharts, & network diagrams
  • Calculate and display liner dimensions
  • Define connectors for precise positioning
  • Import images & create photo galleries

Accomplish more and faster (and spend less time/money) with Nebula Office. Click here to download Nebula Office from Microsoft Windows Store.