How to use Nebula Office Speed test app?

Nebula Speedtest - Main Window

The internet has become a public utility in almost any home. Many Internet service providers are offering various ways to use it. However, there are some situations where you see some slow speed issues about your Wi-Fi performance. You may be wondering if the internet services you are currently registering are following its promised internet speed. Well, with the Nebula Office Speed test app, you can verify if those doubts are genuine.

Ever wondered how to test wireless internet speed? How about let’s use the Nebula Office speedtest to measure the speed provided by your Internet Service Provider?

It does not matter who your ISP is, be it AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Sparklight or any other ISP, the best thing about the Speed ​​Test tool is that it will show unbiased results for the internet speed test performed on any ISP.

What is the Nebula Office Speed test app?

Nebula Office speed test provides a free analysis of various Internet access, internet performance metrics such as rate of your connection data, delay, and speed of download.

The service estimates data speeds and delays, are known as user Internet connection delays, compared to 8 thousand geographically scattered servers. Each test run by the application measures the rate of data for download direction. Alternatively, it identifies the data transfer rate from server to the user’s computer. After this, it uploads data rate, which is the data transfer rate from the user’s computer to the Internet service provider server. Tests are usually performed using the Nebula Office Speed test application.

Development and Testing

To improve the test’s accuracy further, Nebula Office Speed test app also tests the (TCP) Direct Transfer Control Protocol sockets and communication protocols between ISP servers and their clients.

The app also provides detailed statistics on the speed test results you will receive from the Speed test. The data provided has been used by several publications to examine the Internet access data rates worldwide.

Requirements for using the application

If you want to use Speed or the Nebula office Speed test app, all you need is a window-based system. If you want to use Nebula Office software, you do not need to install any other software; simply go to the Microsoft Windows Store on your PC and download the app from this link.

What are features of Nebula Office Speed test app free version?

  1. Intelligent and effective speed test measuring: Ping, Download Speed and Upload Speed
  2. Detects and displays your external IP: that’s how the Internet sees you
  3. Detects and displays your Geo Location: according to your external IP and that’s how the outside world can track where you are, approximately.

How to get the most accurate test results:

  • Use Ethernet cable connection between your computer and modem (preferred over Wi-Fi).
  • Do not download or upload files, or browse the web during testing.
  • Do not connect to any VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections.