Why people complain about the inaccuracy of their speed test apps

When you doubt the accuracy of Internet speed test, things to keep in mind include background music services, downloading links via web based browsers, updating your windows, and surfing Netflix on another room on mobile or TV.

Don’t forget the smartphones as well. Mostly the smartphones connect automatically to the available wireless network whenever it comes in range. Therefore, enabling airplane mode during your test is a great idea. Assume you are not testing the speed from your smartphone.

Things to consider

If you don’t know how your Internet is not working in the best way, restarting it is a good practice during your speed test.

  • Always try to restart your system PC, or other devices before testing. Restarting is not like a broken record, but can be very helpful. Yes, similar to the router or modem, it is easy to restart your computer or other device that you are testing your speed for, which can have a real-time effect on the Speed test accuracy.
  • Clear your browser’s cache each time. It is another great thing to consider before starting the Internet Speed ​​Test, try clearing your browser’s cache. You can do this prior to each successive Speed test, keeping in mind that you plan to test multiple times in a row.
  • Lots of speed tests are based on uploading and downloading a single or more files of a certain size, and then use the time it takes for those files to calculate the internet speed.
  • In case you are testing multiple times or too frequently, the test results may be affected by files already on your system (i.e. they are cached). A good internet speed test should compensate for that, but you will be surprised how many times we see it without looking at the issues.

Select an HTML5 based Speed​test application

We recommend testing your speed test with HTML5 based speed test application, not other Flash-based test. The Nebula Speed Test app is an HTML5 based internet speed tests program, which we carefully consider and recommend.

Understand, not every speed test app is perfect

Noise reduction during internet speed testing and many of the tips above will definitely help you contribute to some more accurate speed test results. However, when testing your internet speed, keep in mind how good your existing internet connection is.  It should be between your device and the test server, which you select for speed test.

Although, it is good to know ​​how fast and slow your internet connection is. However, it does not mean that the same speed you should expect always for a particular place or anywhere else. 

Try these troubleshooting methods

Here are some useful and easy ways to speed up your website as mentioned below:

  1. Use a cable or Ethernet connection instead of a wireless connection to avoid interruption.
  2. Close any programs or advanced downloads that use your link.
  3. Reset your web modem and/or router and run the speed test again.

Therefore, this is the method for how your internet speed works. You can also follow our adjustment tips to manage your speed.