How to Use Nebula Media Player as an Image and Photo Slideshow Viewer?

No one will be much surprised, but you can also open the images on Nebula Media Player. Yes, it’s right, the users can drag any JPEG images on Nebula Media Player and also can see how it is opening within the app. You can try it yourself and see how nice the image is being […]

How to Access, Manage and Use Playlists in Nebula Media Player

Nebula Media Player has the feature of Playlist, which allows the users to make, organize and play the songs (Audio/Video). Using Nebula Media Player, you can short out the MP3 songs and the music files and the formats of video. Apart from this, you can add all those files into the Playlist of Nebula Media […]

How to use Nebula Office Speed test app?

Nebula Speedtest - Main Window

The internet has become a public utility in almost any home. Many Internet service providers are offering various ways to use it. However, there are some situations where you see some slow speed issues about your Wi-Fi performance. You may be wondering if the internet services you are currently registering are following its promised internet […]

How to choose a speed test server?

How to choose a speed test server

Nebula Speedtest measures the speed between your device and the test server. When Nebula Speed test starts, it automatically selects the nearest test server with the fastest ping time. A server may have ping time much faster than a server near your location so that it will choose it. Make sure that the Location service […]

What are the advanced features of the Nebula Office speed test app

The Nebula Office speed test app gives users the ability to check if their internet speed is slow. In essence, the speed test application provides a way to check the speed of their network so that they can measure the internet speed that their ISPs are providing. The advanced features of Nebula Office speedtest app […]

How choosing a different speed test server gives different results?

speed test server

If you really want to test your “Internet” speed, always try a remote server. This is because it is where your data travels most of the time. Imagine a speed test server located inside your home, on your LAN. Depending on your LAN speed you will get 100 Mbps or 300 Mbps, but it will […]